PRAMS Data Collectors Survey


Here at Louisiana State University we collect PRAMS data for the state of Tennessee.  We are always looking at ways to develop best practices and shared knowledge for all PRAMS data collectors.

To that end, we are attempting to create a working database of what each PRAMS state does in terms of response rate, number of mail contacts, length of survey, phone databases used, etc.  Our hope is that we can identify which states have the highest response rate, and then further identify what they might be doing that is causing the high response rate.

We are not asking for any information about PRAMS moms specifically, just general questions about how you collect data and what your success rate is.

Please note this survey is being conducted solely by Louisiana State University. This survey is not being conducted by CDC and is not directly affiliated with CDC, though it has been approved by CDC PRAMS leadership. 

We hope to share the best practices we discover with other states as well.

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