The Public Policy Research Lab is one of the largest and most well-respected university-based survey research institutions in the Southeastern Conference. The Lab maintains 54 computer-assisted telephone interview call stations and a corps of highly-trained, well-supervised professional callers. Our callers use an advanced, highly efficient computer-assisted telephone interviewing system (CATI) and supporting software to reduce the cost and time of conducting surveys while ensuring the accuracy of data input. We can conduct interviews in English or Spanish.

Our sampling capabilities allow for dual-frame designs to capture both landline and cell phone numbers. Additionally, we can target particular populations based on demographic characteristics or geographic location using census tracts.

The Public Policy Research Lab can use the Internet to collect survey information, evaluate training programs, and monitor client satisfaction.  The PPRL has experience in designing and conducting web-based surveys for a variety of clients, populations, and situations.  We can work with you in developing sampling strategies, designing instruments, posting web surveys and forms, and quickly analyzing the survey results.  Web-based surveys and forms can also be used in “mixed mode” situations where telephone or mail contact options are also available.

PPRL offers complete mail survey services. From the questionnaire design to the final report, the PPRL can handle all your survey needs. Superb respondent tracking tools allow us to keep track of the status of each respondent case throughout all points in the research project.  This allows us to give clients up-to-date project status reports as frequently as they need.  We can conduct all phases of the mail survey process, from questionnaire design, and formatting, to mail out and log in, data entry, data delivery, and report writing.

Our scanning system for data capture can recognize, verify and export data and images quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Our system is capable of processing thousands of surveys every day. Our software is capable of reading word-processed or hand-printed alpha and numeric data, such as a name, address and phone number, as well as common check boxes. Data is automatically updated into a database. Using scanning technology means we reduce manual data entry considerably, thereby reducing staff costs and increasing the speed of results.

For selected projects, PPRL may be able to offer in-person interviewing. Projects for which this option would make sense include intercept interviews with clients at their point of service and small neighborhood surveys.


“The results from the Louisiana Survey should provide state leaders with an invaluable resource – and used wisely- should help advance the rebuilding process.”

David Bondy,
CEO LUBA Worker’s Comp

“We needed a high quality survey done quickly because we wanted to capture time sensitive data. The staff at the PPRL helped us develop a great instrument, and collected nearly a 1,000 interviews in a very short period of time. They did a great job, and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

Matthew Lee
LSU Professor of Sociology

“Our Planning team wanted to fill gaps with new programming, not duplicate already existing services for children who have exceptionalities. PPRL met with us from the start to listen to our goals. From that meeting, we quickly moved forward with a survey that reached our audience and fit our budget. Their work gave us a clear picture of needs from the people who will use our services.”

Elissa McKenzie
Director of Therapy Services and Support, St. Lillian Academy

Project Inquiry